Inventory Software for Xero

Some of the Inventory tracking, control and management software that could work with Xero:

  1. Huge ERP - Inventory Management
  2. DearSystems – DearInventory
  3. Unleashed Software - Get a free 14-day trial -
  4. Cin7
  5. Fishbowl Inventory
  6. TradeGecko - Get a free 14-day trial -
  7. SimPro
  8. Vend
  9. Viberent

And a few more listed on Xero website:

There are so many systems out there, including the ones those that integrate with Xero Accounting Software and ones that can work standalone without integrating with Xero Accounting Software.

How to choose an inventory tracking & control system for Xero, MYOB or for any business?

Some of the key things you will have to consider when choosing an inventory system are:

  1. Functionality – if the system has all the functions that you, your business or your industry might need
  2. Compatibility - if the inventory system will be compatible with the existing software, operating system and hardware your business has
  3. Skills required - Is this inventory tracking system easy to set up and use on a daily basis?
  4. Scalability - Could this inventory system still work when your business grows?
  5. Support – What kind of support is available?
  6. Integration – Can this system integrate with your existing systems (i.e. accounting software, reporting software?)
  7. Security – How secure is this inventory system?
  8. Reporting capabilities - What kind of reporting functionalities does this inventory control & management system offer?

It could be confusing, overwhelming, and very time-consuming to find the right inventory control and tracking software to work for your business.  When you deal with us, Barcode Products, we make the whole process very smooth, transparent and easy to understand in plain English. 

We listen to your requirements, workflow and how you imagine your proposed solution to/should work and then we investigate the solution to meet your requirements which should help you to save time, money and become more efficient.

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