Expert in automating & streamlining business processes with Barcodes, RFID, Labels (Paper, Plastic, Metal and a lot more), Hardware, Software, Mobility Devices, Computers etc.

Our existing customers include small businesses, medium-sized businesses and big enterprises (Including government and private-owned) from an array of industries including warehouses, retail, manufacturing, health, education, trades, construction, food & wineries.

We are a small business located in Christchurch (have been operating for 20+ years) and we serve NZ wide businesses.

On a daily basis, we help customers with

  • Blank and pre-printed Labels, stickers, tags (paper, plastic, metal), Thermal ribbons and ink cartridges
  • Barcode scanning and mobility
  • Barcode and label printing
  • Warehousing & barcoding solutions 
  • Retail and Point of sale solutions
  • Inventory, stock, and asset tracking solutions
  • Custom-built tracking software and
  • Many more

We listen to your requirements, workflow and how you imagine your proposed solution to/should work and then we customise the solution to meet your requirements which should help you to save time, money and become more efficient.