Why use Barcodes

  1. Eliminate Typing Mistakes: Entering correct information is always MUST. Typing wrong data will incur extra and unnecessary costs like the unhappy customers, time wastage to find out error etc. A human makes 1 mistake every 300 keyboard strokes, whereas Barcode scanner reduces the error rate to 1 error in 36 trillion character depending on the type of application and hardware.

  2. Save Time and Increase Productivity: Taking inventory can be a time-consuming task if you use manual entry process. Whereas Barcodes eliminate this to minutes job depending on the application and number of scans required. For example, a customer wanted to do a stock take and estimated a crew of 20 employees over the weekend, whereas with our barcoding solution for their retail store was able to do this job in 5 hours that too with 6 staff members.

  3. Cuts Cost: Easy integration When collaborated with correct information system Barcoding results in accurate and fast data entry which means eliminate errors and save time, resulting in a reduction of cost.

  4. Improves Regulatory Requirements: For example, Florists who sell bouquet to supermarkets requires labels and price tag with a barcode on the bouquets/items they sell. Implementing barcodes to bouquets would save time and money by utilising the barcodes within operations. Florist and supermarkets can obtain the price, date of packing, weight or any important details by just scanning the barcode label on the bouquet with a mobile computer scanning device.

  5. Increase overall operational efficiency: As Barcodes are scanned very quickly, and the information is entered into the system at the same speed of scan, work in progress will move quickly and can be tracked precisely. Seeing mostly barcode scanner enters correct information without any clerical error so information entered by barcode will always be accurate and exact. For example in an inventory/asset management programs barcoding can tell you about item locations and their rent out, production history etc. So overall you will have a better track of items and accuracy of data which will result in increased efficiency.