Inventory System Review

Pain points of inventory system

  • Is what the system says in stock actually right?
  • I don't want to do a stocktake it's too hard.
  • So many duplicate or obsolete products.
  • It takes for ever to update new prices.
  • I dread a supplier increasing their prices, because it creates so much work.
  • If I sell something on my website I have to manually adjust my stock system.
  • The wrong product is getting picked and sent.
  • How do I use barcodes in my inventory?

These are just some of the questions we have heard and helped our clients with.  We understand inventory software and processes and can guide you in how to optimise your system to reduce errors, reduce wastage, streamline processes and save time and money

Whether that is just spending some time reviewing what you have currently and giving you some pointers, doing a complete overhaul, or working adhoc with you when supplier pricing changes, you need to update your pricing or you want a tidy up in your system, we are here to help.

Why is it so important to have your inventory system working smoothly?

  • Save time and money hunting for stock and checking if you actually have what your system says you have
  • Reduce the money tied up in stock and ease your cashflow
  • Ensure your stock on hand and cost of goods sold are correct so you can tell how much money are you actually making
  • Make sure you have the correct margins on your stock
  • Give your customers a great experience by knowing what you have and that the right product is being sent

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