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"We needed help to set up a bar coding system in the store. Results of working with Barcode Products were Very good, they advised me on various options, they researched our database system to resolve compatibility issues, and completed the setup to enable me to proceed. They undertook a lot of behind the scenes research, to ensure the system would run, this working likely being out of the scope of the initial request. Barcode Products will help you to ensure the set-up is complete."

  • Craig
  • Pump Services 2010 Ltd

Knowledgeable, Great customer service

"I needed to find out a specific type of label that my printer needed to order that label.. They managed to find out what type of label I required and produced my labels for me. They have a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to labels and printers. They should take the chance and work with Barcode Products, they are a terrific company and provide great customer service."

  • Josh
  • The Vault NZ