Our ScanSKU™ Stocktake Offline is designed to scan your warehouse locations, barcodes and input quantities for a stocktake.

This app works offline with no wi-fi or internet connection required. Data is saved on the device and can be exported in CSV and either emailed, uploaded or copied to a PC.

Available Free with our M Series and R Series Scansku Scanners


  • Capture Locations, Barcode and Quantities.
  • Location can be locked, so you can scan multiple SKUs against 1 location, or only have 1 location for a whole stocktake (i.e. 'Warehouse 1')
  • Quantity can be set to a default of "1" for quicker scanning when you have 1 of each item. In this mode, there is no need to input a quantity each time.
  • Visual and audible verification to either confirm product was added, or there was an error in the data such as a missing quantity.
  • No Wi-fi required: Save the data to the device and email with the click of a button in the app (CSV format, can open with excel). You can also plug the device in and copy the data to your PC
  • View data that has been scanned, within the app
  • Compatible with a 'hard enter key' If your device has a hard keypad.


  • Stocktakes (Inventory Management) or Asset counts
  • Scanning of received goods for receipt into your system
  • Scanning of packed goods for dispatch

View a video of the app here