Our ScanSKU™ Mobile Picking App is has been developed to allow you to import your orders from a CSV spreadsheet and the App will guide the picker around the warehouse or shop to pick the Products.

Includes a visual and notification of a match or mismatch (audio can be disabled). Available Free with our M Series and R Series Scansku Scanners


  • Verifies the barcode being scanned is correct and matches the barcode on the picklist
  • Has an option to either allow manual entry of quantities, or alternatively, require the picker to scan every item
  • Saves data in database on device. You can export to CSV and email from the app.
  • Records reasons for shortpicks on the export
  • Has the option to display details about the SKU being scanned such as 'Name, Description and alternate SKU Number)
  • Records Time Stamp on Exported Data


  • Picking of Orders
  • The App will work its way down your CSV Import list, in the order in which the line items appear in the file


Sample Exported Data

View a video of the app here