Barcode Products Ltd


Scansku Battery

Spare or replacement Battery for Scansku Scanner

$32.00 NZD ex GST

Car Mount

Scansku Car Mount

Vacuum Suction Mount designed to attach your M Series Barcode Scanner onto any smooth surface, such as a dashboard or car windscreen.

$60.00 NZD ex GST

Carry Bag

Scansku Carry Bag

Belt Carry Bag for our M Series ScanSKU Scanner.

$55.00 NZD ex GST

Scansku Dock

Scansku Dock

Dock / Cradle compatible with M Series Android Barcode Scanner.

$100.00 NZD ex GST

Forklift Mount

Scansku Forklift Mount

Heavy duty Forklift or buggy mount compatible with M Series Android Barcode Scanner or a 3rd party Smartphone.

$125.00 NZD ex GST