Setting Up Input Data

A useful feature of the app is being able to show the user a product description or name after scanning. You can also use this to simply validate barcodes. This product description will appear below the scan box. You can enable or disable this using the ‘lookup’ checkbox at the bottom of the main screen

1. Before you enable this, you need to pull together your master data you wish to use. This should be a spreadsheet (e.g. in excel) with list in column A or all your barcodes and in column B the name or description you wish to show the user (see screenshot below for an example).

If you just want to validate barcodes, then you’d put ‘VALID’ against each barcode in the second column.

2. Save this file as a CSV called: master_data.csv

Ensure when you save it as a CSV, the barcode numbers are still correct. Sometimes when saving as a CSV, the format of your barcode number may change. If this happens, before saving as a CSV, format the barcode numbers column and ensure they are formatted as ‘Numbers with no decimal places’.

3. Copy this file onto your device. Save it into the main storage directory on the device. On the M Series you can either plug it into your PC and transfer the file across, or email the file to your device and save it.

4. Ensure the “lookup” checkbox at the bottom of the main screen in the app is checked. When you scan a barcode, it will search the input file for the corresponding column to return.