STOCKTAKE COUNTER (with Product Name Lookup) and Quantity Field

Our ScanSKU™ Stock Counter (with Quantity Field) is designed to be used to quickly scan barcodes and count your stock/inventory/assets.

This app works offline with no wi-fi or internet connection required.

Available Free with our M Series and R Series Scansku Scanners


  • A Default quantity of can be set, is you have to scan a large number of items with a quantity of example 2, so you don’t then have to enter the quantity each time.
  • Stock quantities accumulate. So if you scan the same barcode in another part of your warehouse/shop, it will add it to the previous entry. The export only then has 1 line per barcode.
  • Product lookup (optional, can be turned on/off): Save your product names, descriptions or another attribute onto the device (CSV file) to show the name/description when the item is scanner. Great for visual verification or to check if a product is valid.
  • Visual alarm when a scanned product is not in your spreadsheet- as per previous point, this can be disabled in the app settings if not required.
  • No Wi-fi required: Save the data to the device and email (CSV format, can open with excel) with the click of a button in the app. You can also plug the device in and copy the data to your PC
  • Visual record on the mains screen of the items scanned, with the most recent item scanned always at the top of the list.
  • Upload the Exported CSV into your system


  • Stocktakes (Inventory Management) or Asset counts
  • Scanning of received goods for receipt into your system
  • Scanning of packed goods for dispatch