The ScanSKU™ Barcode to CSV (Spreadsheet) is designed for flexibility. Set the number of fields, field names, field types and begin scanning or entering data. Save the captured data to a CSV and even email to anyone right from the app. Perfect for inventory or asset tracking where you may need to capture non-standard fields.

Available Free with our M Series and R Series Scansku Scanners

The ScanSKU™ Barcode to CSV App is a flexible and responsive solution to capturing data. Key functionality includes

  • Select Number of Fields to show (max 6)
  • Rename Fields
  • Change the size of Fields
  • Scan barcode either using the devices camera or a built-in / external scanner
  • Set fields to ‘number only’ fields if required.
  • View data in table form, directly in the App
  • Export, Save, and Email Data as a CSV file directly from the App